How to Treat TMJ

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder

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Do you suffer from TMJ?  I know I did for years, and didn’t even know what TMJ was. One of the effects of TMJ can be itchy ears, and it used to drive me crazy at times! So embarrassing in fact, and none of the doctors I asked knew the solution. Then a few years ago while on vacation in the Philippines I went to a dentist to get my teeth cleaned. While there, the dentist started telling me my bite was misaligned, and that I had TMJ. I responded with “no, nothing bothers me like that” as I started to itch my ear drum. The dentist then told me itchy ears was one of the effects of TMJ. I was amazed, at last I’d found the cause of my itchy ears! ☺ I’ve put together this website as a resource to help other TMJ sufferers find a natural cure that works.